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    The Black Eyed White Beans gets its name from the distinctive black eye-like spot located on the pea. Black eye beans are popular for their sweet taste, soft texture, and wide use in a variety of dishes. Califarmlyfood exports the finest quality Black Eyed beans.
    We are one of the well-established Black Eyed White Beans Exporters and Suppliers. You can trust us for the quality of our vegetables, as we maintain hygiene in our facility. Our prices are competitive and bulk lots will be delivered to your doorway shortly.


    Black Eyed beans are beans that look like peas. It can be eaten both cooked in salads and cooked as beans. It has been shown to help lower blood sugar and high blood pressure.
    Black peas have long been associated with good luck and are traditionally served on New Year’s Day.

    Califarmlyfood is one of the reliable and certified suppliers of bulk organic peas. Organic Black Beans and other organic beans in bulk are available here. If you want to wholesale organic black eyed beans, please contact us.


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