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    Its fruit, with its peculiar shape and appearance, does not seem to mantain that delicious fragrant and juicy pulp that has a bittersweet flavor at the same time. But yes, it is a delicious fruit that we enjoy eating as a fruit, as it is, or as an ingredient in our favorite dishes and desserts. The pineapple has a cylindrical shape, a scaly brown rind, a crown of spiny leaves, and a yellow pulp. This is exotic fruit is formed from many small fruits that are melted together. Benefits for you health: Pineapple is rich in nutrients that benefits our helath, with vitamins: C, B1, B6, B9 and minerals: Potasium, magnesium, lodine, copper, magnase bromelain enzyme that helps metabolize food and is therefore used in medicine to treat gastrointestinal problems. It has diuretic, detixifying, antacid, anti-inflamatory properties rich in fiber.


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