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    We provide high quality Olive Fruits to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh Olive Fruits from family growers.
    We source our Olive Fruits from the eastern drylands. Here, the fruits serve as only food for people and animals as this variety does not grow . We harvest fruits that are either green or purplish-dark when in their ripened condition.
    There are many traditional uses of both the tree and the fruit. The tree is a source of the strong clubs that pastoralists in Ethiopia and Kenya make because of its very hard wood. The wood also serves as a source of furniture material. The fruits is a herbal potion for overcoming malaria, cold sores as well as high blood pressure.
    So, if you are in need of Olive Fruits, talk to us today for more details. We provide shipment of either the green or pitted selections that you can start consuming within 7 days after we pack them. You can receive the packs of our fairly priced, high quality fruits from family grower orchards in a day or two depending on your part of the world. Make an order today!


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