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    Egg white and brown table exporter and supplier


    From its beautiful farm Rawpowdersonline.com produces table eggs which are exported to more than 130 countries around the world.
    Rawpowdersonline.com believes that you deserve to know where your food comes from. Be sure to provide laying hens with good quality feed, vegetarian feed and plenty of clean drinking water. The right vegetarian diet, the right nutritious diet, the right lighting, clean drinking water, good space and bedding ensure that a Rawpowdersonline.com farm can provide fresh and healthy white and chocolate eggs all year round.
    Eggs are an important part of the daily diet. Humans have been eating eggs for centuries. Whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner, people all over the world consume eggs because they are an important part of their daily diet. They are also used as additives and ingredients in world-famous cakes, pastries and gourmet dishes.


    To buy chicken eggs wholesale

    The company is supplier(trader, exporter) of chicken eggs. Our company sells chicken eggs of Ukrainian manufactory in a big wholesale amount (1st, 2nd and small categories). These eggs are environmentally friendly product that meets international quality standards. It confirmed by multiple certificates and awards. Each batch is tested for the indicators of the microbiological safety by the state laboratory of veterinary medicine.


    Chicken Eggs exporters and supplier in USA And CANADA

    We are engaged in supplying and exporting a premium range of chicken eggs. These chicken eggs are available in various sizes and weights. The white and brown shell eggs exported by us possess thick albumen and dark yellow yolk. Our eggs are tested in various parameters such as bird flu, salmonella infection and other contamination. Eggs are all-natural and packed with a number of nutrients. The eggs are completely safe and are certified by the department of animal husbandry. The eggs are available in small, medium and large sizes. Our eggs are 100% safe for human consumption.

    Each egg contains 13 essential vitamins and minerals in varying amounts, high-quality protein, unsaturated fats and antioxidants, all for 70 calories. We export fresh white shell eggs & fresh brown shell eggs. The export capacity is about 5 to 10 containers per week. We supply best quality eggs at most competitive price. These are packed in superior quality attractive carton boxes. We ensure prompt delivery. We ensure that the eggs are graded, cleaned and stamped with a quality seal and packed in pulp cardboard carton, using stringent standards.


    Looking to Buy Bulk Chicken Table Eggs at wholesale price UK. Get wholesale Chicken Table Eggs delivered in bulk across London and south east of the UK. Bulk suppliers and exporter of bulk Chicken Table Eggs to the catering trade at wholesale price. Bulk Chicken Table Eggs for sale near me.


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