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    Raw brown sugar
    Raw sugar is a product obtained in sugar cane factories. At the factory, the juice obtained from sugar cane is cleaned and, after crystallization, brown sugar, raw sugar, is obtained. In the past, raw sugar was also produced in sugar beet production, as in sugar cane production. Today, high-purity white sugar is produced directly from sugar beets in beet factories. However, in the manufacture of sugar cane, the raw sugar produced in the sugar cane factory must be reprocessed
    Raw sugar, which typically contains between 97.5 and 99.5% sucrose, is brownish yellow in color and has a crystal size of about 1 mm MA (average aperture). This layer of syrup, which contains a lot of coloring matter, covers the sucrose crystals. This layer is separated during the first refining process, affination. The other part of the dye remains in the crystal.


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