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    Bulk Fresh Nectarine Peaches Fruits exporter and supplier USA


    Nectarine and peach are different in that they ripen only in summer. However, fresh nectarine suppliers have excess profits from a sale of this fruit in the summer. The largest producers of nectarine are Greece, Italy, Tunisia, and Turkey. Unlike their European colleagues – Turkish nectarine is cheaper but not having the worst taste.


    Wholesale Nectarines for sale online in USA

    Wholesale Nectarines are a hybrid peach fruit, with a smooth skin and without pubescence. The homeland of nectarine fruits is USA. Nectarines differ from peaches in size and taste; they are sweeter in taste and smaller in size. The pulp of Wholesale Nectarines can be white, yellow and pinkish. Nectarine peaches are consumed fresh, and juices, compotes and jams are also made.

    Nectarines – Wholesale Nectarines

    The largest number of Wholesale Nectarines is grown in the Mediterranean region of the country. Due to favourable climatic conditions, Turkey is one of the leaders of the world market for growing fresh nectarines. We pay great attention to the sale of seasonal products, the assortment of which varies depending on the time of year. We have a large number of Products, which significantly reduces prices.


    As a leading supplier of fresh fruits and vegetables, we are proud to offer our delicious nectarines to customers around the world. These fruits are grown in our contracted farms and packinghouses and are of the highest quality. Our nectarines are affordably priced and perfect for bulk or wholesale purchase. Califarmlyfood is a leading exporter and manufacturer of fresh fruits and vegetables, and we’re committed to providing the highest quality products at the most affordable prices. We have a network of contracted farms and packing houses in Turkey so you can be sure you’re getting the freshest, highest quality fruits and vegetables available. Califarmlyfood provides seamless air cargo and air freight logistics services.


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