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Califarmlyfood supplies a fantastic range of fertilizers in bulk quantities for businesses and professional growers throughout the UK. Our products contain concentrated and delicately balanced sources of vital plant nutrients to keep ornamental, nursery stock and edible plants in optimum condition. From general purpose granular fertilizer to specialist slow release fertilizers, controlled release and growth stimulants, our wholesale fertilizer range includes a variety of critical products for horticultural businesses. Order your fertilizer in bulk online or get in touch with our team for tailored advice.



At Califarmlyfood we offer bulk bag fertilizers to those who require fertilizers in larger quantities. Our bulk bags are available in 600kg bags. Various fertilizers are available including paddock fertilizers and other analyses suited to horticultural and small holder use.

To ensure that you are applying the correct fertilizer, why not take a soil analysis to make sure that your land is getting exactly what it needs.



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