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    Clove bulk exporter and supplier in USA AND UK


    Cloves are valued on the one hand for the pleasant aroma and taste they impart to food and on the other for their invaluable oral health benefits. They grow as tiny reddish flower buds on trees of the Myrtaceae family. These trees grow to a height of 8 to 10 meters and take almost six years to flower.
    We at Rawpowdersonline.com are leading clove exporter and supplier and an invaluable source of the spice worldwide. We provide the best quality carnations no matter the quantity you need and exactly what you need. Our seamless processes and on-time delivery methods are among the best in the spice supply and export industry. Therefore, you can rely on us for all your spice supply needs. Just contact us to buy Clove – (9MM-12MM) in bulk or as per your requirements.


    Whole Cloves

    Whole cloves are a very strong aromatic spice, one of the oldest and most popular around the world. The cloves are sun-dried in the open air for three to four days and they can be used as whole or ground. Our whole cloves are GMO-Free and grown in Africa.

    Buy whole cloves in small quantities or bulk. Our selection is available at retail or wholesale price. Whole cloves are available in our store for wholesale or retail for delivery or collection.

    Packed from 500g bags up to 25kg and delivered to you in two working days in the UK. Nuts in Bulk UK is the best place to buy whole cloves in bulk in the UK.


    Looking to Buy Bulk Clove – (9MM-12MM) at wholesale price UK. Get wholesale Clove delivered in bulk across London and south east of the UK. Bulk suppliers and exporter of bulk Clove to the catering trade at wholesale price. Bulk Clove for sale near me.


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