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    Wholesale Carrots for sale online USA

    Carrots are our favourite vegetable, and the horses’, too. They grow beautifully in our soil, and lend themselves to horse-powered machinery and cropping systems. We grow about a dozen varieties of heirloom and specialty carrots and wholesale them all fall, winter and spring. Wholesale carrots are available through local food distributors or here on the farm. Contact us to order.

    We’re growing the following varieties this season, although they are not all available every week. Email us and we can put you on our wholesale availability list so you can see what’s on deck each week, along with pricing.



    Looking for Fresh Carrot Suppliers? At Califarmlyfood Company, we offer our customers high quality fresh carrots at affordable prices.



    You have to be careful and consistent in choosing ingredients. You should look for the best products available in the market, especially if you are in the food industry. Whether you run a food service business, wholesaler, retailer, distributor or food service business, the best products differentiate your business from your competitors. We understand this and make sure to provide our customers with guaranteed quality and certified products.

    Carrots are more than just a standard vegetable. It is the tastiest and most sought after product on the market which can be used to prepare many dishes. Make sure you choose the highest quality carrots to get the perfect taste and aroma that can fool your clients and customers.




    Exporter and manufacturer of fresh carrots for sale online



    Cooperate with our company because we are the best carrot supplier and we understand your business, your strategy as well as your budget. We will help you reach the top and grow your business. If you want your business to grow, be consistent. Our products are available to our customers all year round.

    Our team will work with you to develop a strategy that complements your product and our packaging, branding and marketing solutions. We believe in working with manufacturers who provide us with exceptional production. Our in-house quality controllers check product quality and ensure they are the best for our customers.

    Why choose products from us?

    • The carrots we supply to our customers are of guaranteed and certified quality.

    • Do not use pesticides and hazardous chemicals.

    • We accept orders in bulk. The minimum order quantity is 80 tons.

    • It tastes fantastic and comes packaged in a burlap and polypropylene bag.



    Choose us and order our products as we are the best supplier of fresh carrots in USA.


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