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    Our loose cake flour is ground from fine soft wheat, which allows for a light and essential final product. This highly refined flour is also low in gluten, making it ideal for baked goods with a softer, softer composition. Baking with our breadcrumbs also enhances the appearance of your cakes and baked goods. Its low ash content ensures this treat has the light colored finish it was designed for, making it visually appealing and appetizing to increase sales.


    Buy Bulk Cake Flour online from top Supplier


    Bulk purchasing is a big part of our business and we have the expertise and technology to make the bulk shipping process seamless for our customers.

    Supreme White Bread Flour, Wheat Cake Flour and Brown Bread Flour are available in large quantities for many of our customers whose volume requirements are large enough to order in large quantities.

    Advantages for mass customers
    If customers have the infrastructure to accept bulk orders, they benefit from product costs. In addition, dismantling requires less labor and the process is more hygienic.

    We follow a strict process when handling our bulk orders to ensure complete customer satisfaction. The process starts when the loaded tanker is pushed onto the first weighbridge and a certificate is issued before passing through the second weighbridge to confirm the flour weight. Only after this double inspection the tank is delivered to the customer.

    Committed to deliver every time
    Supplying customers in Gauteng, Mpumalanga, Limpopo, Northwest Province and Cape Town, we pride ourselves on providing not only outstanding quality flour but also outstanding service.

    We have built a strong reputation for excellent service thanks to our strict quality control and have built a solid reputation with many satisfied customers.



    Professional cake flour
    The most important thing for a professional baker is the consistency of the ingredients. Califarmlyfood ensures our products meet the strictest tolerances in the baking industry. Califarmlyfood products are packaged under halal supervision.

    At Califarmlyfood, our mission is more than just providing great products. We back all of our products with a knowledgeable and experienced sales team, all with extensive baking experience. You share a passion for quality baking and want to make sure each product meets all your expectations.



    About soft organic white flour for cakes and pastries
    When we bake cakes and cookies, we want a soft texture. Using strong bread flour can be disastrous! Try this soft flour for maximum success when baking cakes, cookies and pastries.


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