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    As one of the leading exporters of Alfalfa Hay and hay products, Califarmlyfood guarantees the best quality delivered on time. With hundreds of thousands of tons of products entering the market each year, our reach is global. Our alfalfa & timothy straw products are known worldwide. High quality export straw production is very important to us. We start with clean fields, collected for export by the region’s most experienced farmers for premium products. Our suppliers and manufacturers take great pride in their industry and work with the best knowledge of the manufacturing process for hay and hay products. Califarmlyfood is of only the highest standards and quality.

    Alfalfa Hay
    Alfalfa is a hay made from beans from the pea family and is sometimes called “alfalfa”. This straw has a higher protein and mineral content and is tastier than grass straw. Alfalfa in particular is high in energy and an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. Alfalfa is used for horses, dairy cattle, cattle, sheep, chickens, turkeys and other livestock.


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