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    Califarmlyfood is one of the leading wheat flour producers and exporters in africa, usa and canada and a major grain player in the region. Our competent technical team, high quality and continuous service have enabled us to export wheat flour to 72 countries on 5 continents from the Far East to the Caribbean islands, covering most of the African and Middle Eastern countries.


    Califarmlyfood production is continuously controlled by experienced food engineers and technicians in accordance with ISO certificates and other quality standards. All of our factories have quality control laboratories equipped with modern testing equipment that analyzes wheat flour production 24 hours a day, all year round.


    Our export department, documentation, transportation staff and sales experts work in harmony to deliver the right quality of flour to our valued customers without delay and with the utmost care. We can pack wheat flour in PP and/or 25/50 kg kraft paper bags. The Califarmlyfood has the capacity and facilities to move 1 or 100 containers at a time.


    Many flour mills offer additives such as 100% Whole Wheat Flour, but the flour itself is available in many varieties. All-purpose flour is a popular variety, but there are also types of flour that are more specific to cakes, pastries, pastries, and other products. Flours with different levels of gluten are also available to improve the texture of the foods in which they are made. In this article, we look at grain mills that are members of the North American Mills Association to help you with your procurement activities.


    Customer satisfaction is very important in our export policy. Therefore, our sales and marketing managers visit our customers regularly to ensure that our customers are satisfied with our flour quality and our continuous service.


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